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Korean Insurance Academic Society organized seminar with students of Faculty of Finance and Banking

On the afternoon of January 14, 2020, the Faculty of Banking and Finance was delighted to welcome Professor Hong Joo Jung - President of Korea Insurance Academic Society and Professor Jong Hwan Yoo - Institute of Actuaries of Korea visited and shared information related to Insurance topic with Faculty students. The two professors organized a seminar with the topic: "Insurance - A companion in modern society" to introduce students to the orientation and potential of insurance industry in the future and its role in modern society as today.

The seminar was successfully organized when professors and students of Faculty of Banking and Banking had the opportunity to exchange and share content around the topic of Insurance. Through this, students have a new perspective on the Insurance industry as well as discovering the potential of this industry in their future career.

Korean Insurance Academy Society

Established in 1964, Korean Insurance Academic Society (KIAS), a non-profit research organization, provides opportunities for academics and executives in insurance to make contacts, exchange ideas and obtain knowledge on a global scale.

The Society offers annual conferences and seminars each year in cooperation with insurance regulators and organizations in Korea. These seminars typically draw leading academics in insurance, senior corporate managers, and others involved in the insurance industry.

 Also, the Society mainly encourages research and investigation on insurance theory and insurance law, providing valuable information to insurers to help their developments.

Main activities:

  • Encourage to have research on insurance theory and insurance law based on business practices
  • Publish a journal (Korean Insurance Journal) and related books
  • Cooperate with domestic and international insurance societies
  • Organize annual conference and occasional seminars