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4+1 Master Program

Advantages of Integration Program 4+1

  • Shorten the study time into 1 year: 1 semester for major subjects and 1 semester for thesis    
  • Applies to all current TDTU students
  • Required minimum Accumulated under-graduate credits is 100
  • Apply based rather than examination based entrance. The entrance and graduation TOIEC score is 500
  • Total learning time is 5 years for bachelor and master degrees
  • Time table is allocated in weekend (Saturday and Sunday)
  •  Able to reserve learned subjects in up to 5 years. Students have various opportunities to participate in exchange program with international universities in Korea, Taiwan and Czech Republic.
  • Have opportunities to participate in science conferences, held by Finance and Banking Faculty
  • Have many chances to study with international students and join in seminars, hosted by foreign Professors. 

Objectives : Encourage and supports TDTU students to pursuit higher education and archive master in one year  after graduation


  • TDTU students need to learn 2 foundation subject (there is no requirement for learning record)

o    Marxist – Leninist philosophy 
o    Research methodology

  • TDTU students who are accumulate over 100 credits (major credits and suitable credit) are allowed to study additional 12 credits in post-graduate program.

•    Are entitled to post-graduate scholarship policies (High Distinction students receive 50% discount on tuition fee, Distinction students receive 30% discount on tuition fee, others students receive 25% discount on tuition fee)
•    Are admitted to post-graduate program with 12 months after graduation from university.

Application Process

For further information, please kindly contact Dr. Ho Thanh Thung via or email: