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Bachelor of Finance and Banking

What is a finance and banking major?

The finance and banking employee manages the finance in cooperations, raise capital in commercial banks, lending activities, and foreign payments methods in commercial banks. 

In manufacturing and service companies, the finance officer manages the source of funds to maximize the firm value. they also conduct the financial analysis and provide financial suggestions for the directors.

Why should we study finance and banking at TDTU?

This program is designed based on the education program of Top 100 Universities as well as the training program of Texas University at Austin, USA (ranked 36th of top 100 universities, according to QS Ranking).

- Majority of subjects are conducted in English. Some major subjects are lectured by foreign professors.

- All lecturers have Master Degrees and Doctoral Degrees with research capability and high English Proficiency.
- Lecturers of major subjects have Doctoral Degrees, Associate Professor or Professor, or International PhD candidate or Internal Master Degree. The Finance and Banking Faculty also invite executives of financial institutions as visiting lecturers.

- Every year, students participate in career orientations commercial banks, securities companies, cooperations. .

- Have an opportunity to participate in an exchange semester overseas.

- Participate in academic groups and research groups to enhance soft-skills 

- Support the career after graduation: the alumni and partner networks are willing to support the graduate students so the percentage of student who have job within a year after graduation is 100%.

Carrer opportunies

 Graduation students are capable to work in finance and banking areas and following positions:
- Bank tellers, treasurers at commercial banks, joint-venture banks, international banks, credit funds, policy banks etc. (as known as bank and credit institutions)
- Customer officers, credit officers, credit risk officers, credit analysis officers, FX traders, foreign payment officers at banks and other credit institutions
- Traders, brokers, investment analysts, financial analysts at securities firms, insurance firms, investment funds, accounting and auditing firms and other financial institutions. 
- Financial officers, finance, accounting and auditing managers at corporations and other administrative-economic organizations such as Ministry of Finance, Taxation department, Treasury department, finance departments etc.
- Work as journal editors at finance and economics journals, magazines and communication firms.
- Work as financial analysts, personal financial investors.
- Work as researchers at local and international research institutions

Which program is suitable?

There are for education programs for finance and banking major in TDTU:

  • Standard program 
  • High-quality program (50% in English)
  • High-quality program (100% in English) 
  • Campus Exchange programs

There are differences in admission requirements, graduation requirements and tuition fees for each program. For more information, please kindly contact  Admission Department


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