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The Bachelor of Finance and Banking program was introduced in 1998 by the Faculty of Economics. In 2006, the department of Finance and Banking was separated from Faculty of Economics and belonged  Faculty of Accounting and Finance. In 2009, the department of Finance and Banking split from the Faculty of Accounting and Finance and became the Faculty of Finance and Banking.  In the same year, the Faculty recruited 194 students and 172 students successfully completed the program. In 2013, the curriculum of the program was reviewed and amended by the Scientific Committee. The members of the committee were professors and lecturers from high ranking universities in Vietnam.

In 2015, the Faculty of Finance and Banking redesigned the program with significant improvements. The program was based on the curriculum of top 100 universities in the world along with recommendations from various stakeholders. This top 100 program was launched in the 2015-2016 academic year.

This program has diverged from previous programs with remarkable features, such as 100% English textbooks, a focus on soft skills, a teaching approach to research-oriented and more professional. In addition, students have many opportunities to apply their knowledge through work integrated learning courses and internships. In recent years, among 200 graduates each year, 98.15% of them are employed within one year of graduation.

To certify the quality of the training program, Faculty of Finance and Banking conducts program quality accreditation according to international standards – AUN (Asia University Network). Based on the self-reports and assesses the quality of the program that has been and is being implemented, the AUN organization will organize to evaluate the self-assessment report of the Faculty based on the evidence collected by the organization through the above self-assessment report and through the face-to-face interview process.

The purpose of this report is to self-evaluate the training program that the Faculty of Finance and Banking has developed and implemented. First, we examine results and what has been achieved by the program. Second, we offer solutions to improve the program so as to meet the needs of the stakeholders. With the vision of the Board of Director, the concern of the Faculty's leaders, the feedback and comments from stakeholders, as well as the active support from departments in the school. Especially, we note that the Department of Testing and Quality Assessment always accompanies the Faculty’s AUN report writing team to accomplish the Faculty’s self-evaluate report. By presenting the content of the program by the framework of the 11 AUN criteria, fully complying with the criteria and regulations of AUN-QA. The Faculty has been given useful comments by the AUN Evaluation Committee and AUN Accreditation Committee in order to improve the program.

On July 20, 2019, the bachelor of  finance and banking program was successfully accredited according to AUN standards and receive the certificate valid for 5 years. AUN-QA is a quality assurance unit of ASEAN University Network. Students enrolling in programs assessed and recognized by AUN-QA will be easy to join student exchange program or study at other universities in the region. Moreover, graduates from these programs will be advantageous for employment in the regional and international markets.