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Bachelor of Finance and Banking , Program Code: F7340201, High Quality Program

Program Overview

1. Introduction about the program: 

The bachelor in Finance and Banking ,high quality program aims to educate students to have good ethics, good health and knowledge. The training program is based on the education programs of world-class universities around the world.  The program combines theory with practices as well as soft-skills to work in companies. Moreover, the program inspires students to enhance their self-study and research skills to meet the demand from local and international job markets.

After graduation, students may work as financial analysts, project managers, investment consultants, stock brokers, valuation officers, officers in financial institutions, insurance firms, tax departments. Currently, the Finance and Banking Faculty is offering Master program in Finance and Banking, Bachelor in Finance and Banking, High quality program in Finance and Banking, International cooperation program in Finance and Banking

2. Advantages of the High Quality Program

  • The education program is constructed based on the training program of Texas University, USA - ranked 36 over top 100 global universities who are offering Finance Major

  • More than 50% of the major subjects are conducted in English. There are subjects are conducted by foreign professors from famous universities.

  • The CFA Institute of Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) has recognized the curriculum of the Faculty as meeting at least 70% of the CFA Institute’s requirements. CFA is a professional certificate which is dedicated for financial analysts, investments, risk management. Thus, students in the “high quality” program are prepared to sit CFA Level 1 exams. Furthermore, the CFA Institute offers 12 scholarships to qualified TDTU students annually

  • In the first two years, students follow courses in professional orientation and occupational training courses. The Faculty also provides career counseling forums and organizes recruitment days to bridge between students and companies

  • Students from high quality program are allowed to participate an exchange program to study at partner schools overseas. This would help students to expand their cultural awareness and access the international education environment.

  • Write and defense thesis in English

3.Career Pathways

There are various job positions that graduated students may work in Vietnam and other countries such as:

  • Bank tellers, treasurers at commercial banks, joint-venture banks, international banks, credit funds, policy banks etc. (as known as bank and credit institutions)
  • Customer officers, credit officers, credit risk officers, credit analysis officers, Foreign Exchange traders, foreign payment officers at banks and other credit institutions
  • Traders, brokers, investment analysts, financial analysts at securities firms, insurance firms, investment funds, accounting and auditing firms and other financial institutions.
  • Financial officers, finance, accounting and auditing managers at corporations and other administrative-economic organizations such as Ministry of Finance, Taxation department, Treasury department, finance departments etc.
  • Work as journal editors at finance and economics journals, magazines and communication firms.
  • Work as financial analysts, personal financial investors.
  • Work as researchers at local and international research institutions

4. Teaching methods:

  • More than 50% subjects are conducted in English by full-time lecturers
  • 100% of learning materials are in English, excepts local reference books and readings.

5. Faculty quality

  • 100% lecturers have post-graduate degrees and have research abilities, capable for teaching in English
  • For major subjects: lecturers are PhD candidate, PhD, and Professors from foreign universities
  • Counselor lecturers graduate from foreign universities or fluent in English.

6. Soft-skills

Students are enhanced with soft-skills to implement and apply knowledge after graduation such as:

  • Problem analysis and problem solving skills
  • Planning and forecasting skills
  • Profit analysis and risk evaluations
  • Financial management skills
  • Presentation, team work and social skills
  • Sustainable growth skills

7. Research abilities

Every year, each full-time lecturer has to publish one research project such as local journals, conference paper or international journal

8. Graduation requirements

  • IELTS 5.5 or equivalent
  • MOS Word >= 750
  • MOS Excel >= 750
  • MOS Power point >= 750

9. Class size

  • Theory class: less than 40 students
  • Practical class: less than 25 students

10. Training facilities

  • Special class room in College of International Studies
  • Out standing class rooms

11. Graduation certificate:

  • Standard bachelor degree, issued by Ministry of Education
  • Transcripts for High Quality Program

12. Contact details

For further questions, please kindly refer to the admission website or contact directly to Faculty of Finance and Banking via hotline (84-028) 37755025 

Graduation Requirements

Graduation requirements are foundation of every education program. They are created based on and sophisticated and scientific procedures, which reflect the visions and objectives of Faculty. In addition, the graduation requirements should match the requirements of relevant parties

The graduation requirements are integrated into each subject to help students archive expected knowledge, skills, behaviors and career responsibility after graduation. The graduation requirements are also focusing on empowering team-work activities, self-study, creativity to help students prepare to seize any development opportunities.

The graduation requirements are public officially on the website of the Faculty.

  1. Graduation requirements for the academic year 2015
  2. Graduation requirements for the academic year 2018
Program details

Program details integrate theoretical, practical subjects with proactive teaching and learning methods and course evaluation scheme. As a result, students are warrantied to accumulate sufficient knowledge and capability to match with the graduation requirements for bachelor level. The training program of Ton Duc Thang University (TDTU) is designed accordingly to the training program of Top 100 Universities, based on the ranking of QS  and THE organizations. However, the training program is modified and adjusted to match with the practical conditions in Vietnam and education objective of the university 

Periodically, The university checks and re-evaluate the training  program to make sure that students may meet the social requirements after graduation, as well as update the new technology and business models.This process requires the participation of important parties such as scholars, employers, alumni, students and lecturers. The Top 100 program was introduced in 2015 to train new work-force to meet the global integration trends, support student to improve self-study and catch up with the global education standards.

The program details are officially published on the website and student's portal.

  1. Program details for the academic year 2015
  2. Program details for the academic year 2018