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Department of Banking

The Department of Banking is responsible for teaching specific subjects within the Bachelor of Finance and Banking program.

The subjects of the Department provide specialized knowledge for students in the fields of banking businesses, credit institutions such as currency trading and banking operations, banking management and international payment ...

During the program, the students are trained by the lecturers who are experts in the field. Moreover, the Department is always able to provide up-to-date knowledge of the financial sector, apply a training model that closely links the practical works and theories. Besides, the students are trained in the professional program in the Simulation Practice Room with the software that the banks are using. The department also sends the students to the banks and other financial institutions for an internship. Therefore, the students can easily access the jobs in the banking system or different business environments in the context of globalization and international economy.

Subjects in the department:

1. Career Planning 2

2. Sales Skills

3. Commercial Banks 1

4. Commercial Banks 2

5. Commercial Banks 3

Head of Department: Dr. Ho Thanh Tung