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Graduation requirements for Bachelor in Finance and Banking, High Quality Program 2018

Group of ELOs


Description of ELOs

General Knowledge

Example: Mathematics, natural sciences, statistics, politics, sociology, informatics, foreign language (English)

ELO1: (Apply) Applying systematically knowledge in foreign languages, IT, mathematics and social sciences to study, research and work in finance and banking sector. For example, students need to archive B2 certificate or IELTS 5.5 (or equivalent English certificate) and MOS is over 750 point

ELO2: (Understand) Understand systematically knowledge in politics, career orientation to study, research and work in finance and banking sector

Professional Knowledge

Example: Specialized principles and techniques, problem analyzing and solving

ELO3: (Analyse) corporate finance issues to support decision making processes such as investment decisions, financing decision and payout policies.

ELO4: (Evaluate) evaluate the business performance, risk management in business and corporate to make financial decisions.

ELO5: (Planning) planing and construct financial models to evaluate business performance.

ELO6: (Selecting) selecting suitable research method in finance to conducts various studies in finance and economics

Professional Skills

Practical skills: involving manual dexterity and the use of methods, materials, tools and instruments

ELO7: (applying) calculations , analysis, forecast skills to evaluate the effectiveness of financial activities of local firms and international firms.

ELO8: (Discovering) discovering and propose solutions for risk management in corporations and credit institutions

ELO9: (Estimating) and (Evaluating) the value of assets, stocks, projects of local firms and international firms.

ELO10: (Developing) developing data collection skills and apply research methodologies to complete academic researches and publish paper on local and international journals

General skills

Cognitive skills: involving the use of logical, intuitive and creative thinking

ELO11: demonstrating strong team-work and debate skills, effective communication through written documents, presentation, discussions in English. Moreover, students need to demonstrate Calculating, Analyzing, Evaluating, Estimating and Problem-solving skills

Attitude and awareness

Example: responsibility, Morality, awareness,


ELO12: have self-responsibility for personal and team-works, moral awareness with family and society, constructive and work ethics, learning for life.