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Thesis defense for high-quality-program students

On August 13th 2018, the Faculty of finance and banking has organized a thesis defense for all students following the high quality program. After four years of study and research, in order to complete their study program, all students are required to implement dissertations and oral defenses which are fully written and used in English. The graduation thesis defense, which is held annually, is of the utmost important not only to students to assess their professional knowledge and their research skills but also to the Faculty to recognize and evaluate the training capacity and curriculum.

In this session, twenty students with ten different research topics participated in the defense course. Moreover, the topics of the thesis are really practical, and associated with the field of study such as corporate governance, corporate finance, pricing asset model, etc. Majority of the students are calm, confident for presenting their work and answering questions raised by the Council. All students expressed some positive characteristics such as independence, commitment and perseverance, and professional attitude as well as writing skills, data-analyses and interpretation skills the ability with the detailed instructions of supervisors.