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Admission for foreign exchange students

An exchange student enrolls at TDTU to take classes as a non-degree student. Exchange students are affiliated with a university in which TDTU has an established agreement, and both universities exchange students with mutual reciprocity. Exchange agreements are very selective; as such, there are very few of these arrangements.

TDTU participates in the Exchange Scholar Program, which enable current graduate students to enroll at participating institutions for a set duration. For a list of member institutions and the further details please visit University Consortium International (UCI).

Currently, the Falculty of Finance and Banking has been offering following subjects to exchanges students:

  1. International Finance
  2. Valuation
  3. Investment
  4. Risk management
  5. Commercial Bank
  6. Corporate Finance

For additional information about english requirements, accomodation and housing , please refer to the exchange program brochure