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Exchange Program from Nanyang Polytechnic University, Singapore

We still remembered the feeling of the first day going to Changi Airport and the last day coming back to Viet Nam. Smiling, crying, hugging, ... and a lot of undescribed emotions.

We cried because in the blink of an eye, we had to say goodbye and leave Singapore, Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) and especially NYP buddies. 19 days – it was not a short time and long time as well, but it was enough for TDTU and NYP students can be closer to each other. Eating together, playing together, working project together and spending time everyday together. Not until we had come back to Viet Nam, did we realize how much we loved each other.

We smiled because we had a great time in Singapore and with NYP buddies. At the first time, everything in Singapore was new and quite strange for us, and then we gradually learnt, get used to it day by day. Indeed, we now can understand why Singapore is a modern and civilized country.

The first impression in Singapore is its transportation and infrastructure. There is no motorbike on the street, just cars, buses, coaches and SMRT. Besides, we also discovered lots of differences in Singapore compared to our home country. In Vietnam, one house is located next to other houses; but here, we could easily see that small houses were replaced by high buildings and modern apartments. We are proud of representing TDTU students to study how modern it is.

The first day coming to Nanyang Polytechnic, we were attracted by the kindness and enthusiasm of NYP students. This quickly made us forget all the weariness and integrate with them.

Every evening, after finishing class, they brought us to a famous restaurant in Singapore to have dinner. Even though they were exhaust after a long day at school and they could come back home and have dinner with their family or go out with friend, they spent most of the time to take care of us. We were too tired, but all the laugh and the jokes quickly remove all the tiredness. We treated each other as a small family. Tiredness but having fun – each memory is a meaningful part of my life.