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Graduation requirements for Bachelor in Finance and Banking, Standard Program 2015




Evaluation criteria



General knowledge

Politics, social sciences, National defense and securities

- Understand the philosophy of communism

- Understand the policies of the Party and Nation

- Have basic knowledge in social sciences, natural science to absorb the professional education knowledge, develop professional level

- Understand and apply knowledge from National defense and securities

- Take the exams and pass all the course requirement

- Certificate of National Defense


Major knowledge

Fundamental knowledge

- Understand and apply fundamental knowledge to study major subjects in Finance

- Take the exam and pass the course requirements



Special knowledge in Finance and Banking

- Equip the specified knowledge in Finance and Banking

- Prepare the analysis skills, collect and evaluate the local and international events in financial field.

- Take the exam and pass the course requirements


Career skills


- Understand and self-update the current trends and cases in Finance and Banking sector

- Analysis and problem-solving skills, risk forecast, create a financial plan for business

- Take the exam and pass the course requirements

- Complete all the practical requirements and internship requirements




Students need to acquire at least 5 following skills:

- Effective learning skills

- Team-work skills

- Communication skills

- Writing and presentation skills

- Negotiation skills

- Physical skills, swimming more than 50m and know how to play at least one sport game.

- Take the exam and pass the course requirements

- Complete all the practical requirements and internship requirements



Language skills

- Course 19 and before: TOIEC 500 or equivalent international English certificate

- From course 20: IELTS 5.0 or equivalent international English certificate

- Valid English certificate



IT skills

International MOS certificate

- Course 19 and before: 700 points MOS

- From course 20: 750 points MOS

- Valid MOS certificate


Behavior and social awareness

Attitude and behavior

- Comply with work place safety and ethics

- Pro-active learning and development

- Honesty and respect the team requirements.

- Checked by supervisors during internship and apprenticeship programs



Social responsibility

- Self-responsibility for personal and team works

- Have responsibilities for families and society

- Have strong disciplines, respects all the school policies and regulations

- Willing to join all extra-curriculum activities and charities programs.


Prospective career paths after graduation

- A bachelor in Finance and Banking may work well in finance and banking sectors.

- Financial analysts

- Bank officers

- Officers at credit unions, investment funds, securities companies, insurance firms and other financial institutions

- Personal financial consultant

- Editors for economics and finance sections in media firms

- Work for national bodies such as Ministry of Finance or Tax Department

- Work independently or in a team, self-responsibility to analyze and solve problem.

The results of career survey from alumni after 1 year graduation.


Prospective academic development

Pursuit higher educations ; acquire knowledge and skills to have job promotions

- Acquire sufficient knowledge and English score to pursuit local and international post-graduate educations.

- Apply knowledge and skills in career development, apply to manager positions confidently.

- Conduct intensive researches in finance and banking area.

- Accumulate statistics and evidences for every years from alumni