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Graduation requirements for Bachelor in Finance and Banking, Standard Program 2018

Group of ELOs


Description of ELOs

General Knowledge

Example: Mathematics, natural sciences, statistics, politics, sociology, informatics, foreign language (English)

ELO1: Applying systematically knowledge in foreign languages, IT, mathematics and social sciences to study, research and work in finance and banking sector

ELO2: Recognizing systematically knowledge in politics, career orientation to study, research and work in finance and banking sector

Professional Knowledge

Example: Specialized principles and techniques, problem analyzing and solving

ELO3: applying professional knowledge in corporate finance such as financial planning, financial analysis, corporate valuation and risk management.

ELO4: applying professional knowledge in banking such as fund raising, credit management, trade finance techniques, and financial investments.

ELO5: selecting suitable research method in finance to conducts various studies in finance and economics

Professional Skills

Practical skills: involving manual dexterity and the use of methods, materials, tools and instruments

ELO6: analyzing financial situation to support corporations make investment decisions and performance evaluation.

ELO7: planning corporate finance to create business strategies and evaluate the effectiveness of financial activities

ELO8: discovering and propose solutions for risk management in corporations and credit institutions

ELO9: developing data collection skills and apply research methodologies to complete academic researches and publish paper on local and international journals

General skills

Cognitive skills: involving the use of logical, intuitive and creative thinking

ELO11: demonstrating strong team-work and debate skills, effective communication through written documents, presentation, discussions in English

Attitude and awareness

Example: responsibility, Morality, awareness,


ELO12: have self-responsibility for personal and team-works, moral awareness with family and society, constructive and work ethics, learning for life.