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Research Proposal for Master's Degree _Admission Application

Candidates complete the research proposal about 6-10 pages (cover page, table of contents, preferences), including main contents as follows:

  1. Goals and expectations when registering for a master’s degree program.
  2. Reasons for choosing training institution
  3. Introduction about undergraduation thesis/ project (if any).

Summary undergraduate thesis in 1 page.

  1. Intended research of master’s level

Candidate may present as following suggestions:

    1. Ideas of intended research is practicality:  
  • Essential, reasons for choosing topics, research fields

+ Essentials, reasons to choose research topic:

- “Why did I choose this topic to research?”.

This question is answered on the basis of discovering the other aspects of theory or reality, urgent issues needed to solve.

Determine the importance of the problems that have just discovered.

Does the topic need to research? What are advantages that we could gain when solving these issues, otherwise, what are disadvantages if these issues could not be solved?

  - Demonstrating the importance and role of the thesis

+ Research area: specify the research field that students are directed to.

+ Fields of research: specify the field of research that candidates focus on

  • Overview of research situation and related theories:

+ Related theories:

Theoretical basis is one or several main theories which are selected to build the research framework (research model) of the topic.

  • Choosing one or several main theories as the theoretical basis for your research topic, and discuss the reasons for this choice;
  • Presenting main points of selected main theories;
  • Presenting necessary definitions related to the research objects; and related definitions, related to research problem.

            + Overview of research situation:

Overview previous researches related to the field of intended research. Candidates choose and summary at least 01 domestic research and 01 foreign research.

    1. Research objective, appropriate research method
  • The purpose of research

  Answer the question:

  • The purpose of research is the target that the research trying to reach and the main problem throughout the topic.
  • The purpose of answering the question "to what?", or "for what?".

For example, the topic "The effect of holding cash on the value of food and beverage companies"

So, the research objective is to evaluate and analyze the effect of holding cash to the value of the food and beverage companies in Vietnam.

• Subject and scope of research:

+ Subject

• Things or phenomena that need to be reviewed and clarified.

• For example: Food and beverage companies listed on Vietnam's stock exchange.

+ Scope of the intended research:

  • The scope of research is the limited part of the object in terms of space, time and scale, aspects of the research problem.
  • The scope of research must identify specific issues that the topic intends to investigate.
  • Example: 92 companies in the food and beverage industry listed on Vietnam's stock exchange.
  • - The research period of the project is 10 years: From 2008 to 2018.

• Research method to be used:

  • The research method, which is completely and clearly presented, is the guarantee of the reliability of the research results.
  • The selected research method must be consistent with the tasks of research;
  • State qualitative or quantitative approaching method or a combination of both and state the type of research (description, exploration, explanation, etc.)

What data collection method is used, why?

• Research plan during training:

Students list the research work that will be done during the dissertation implementation period from 1st month to 6th month.

For example: The article uses quantitative methods with multivariate regression models. The data used to implement the project is the secondary data source collected from audited financial statements of the companies (from The model is processed in tabular form and run by Stata software ………

4.3. References: list the used references.

4.4. Proposing instructors (if any, instructors must have research experiences and a PhD or higher degree in appropriate specialized subjects).